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About Us​

In 1996, Debrah’s  first metal furniture workshop was established in Guangzhou, China. For 26+ years since then, we have been consistent in adhering to our legendary story. Every extraordinary product is made by outstanding craftsmanship, under a high standard quality control system, and has an ever-evolving distinctive design by our European, American and Asian designers. Today, Debrah’s is a leader in the modern European and American furniture style, which make the brand exquisite and unique.  

Our Mission

“At Debrah International’s U.S. Division, our mission is to bring innovative, sustainable, and high-quality furniture solutions to American homes and businesses. We are dedicated to blending global design trends with local tastes to offer unique furniture pieces that elevate living and working spaces. Our commitment extends beyond aesthetics, as we strive to foster sustainability and craftsmanship in every piece we create. Through exceptional customer service, community engagement, and a dedication to excellence, we aim to enrich lives and spaces across the United States, making luxury and design accessible to all.”


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